Making a T-shirt yourself is easy and simple

Making a T-shirt yourself is easy and simple, this is a great way to get your own unique clothes and show your talents. Moreover, in 2019 it became very popular to wear original things, and not the same brand.

Witty quotes, little-known music groups, political statements and your own works of art - all this you can put on a T-shirt. This designer T-shirt will make a great gift for friends or family members. And if you replicate the resulting T-shirt, you can even earn extra money on it.

What do you need?

In sports stores or large supermarkets, you can buy inexpensive t-shirts of good quality. It is most convenient to work with a cotton t-shirt, but try decorating a t-shirt made of polyester or mixed fabrics as well. A cotton T-shirt may sit down after washing, and this will disrupt your design if the item becomes smaller. If you do not want this to happen, wash your T-shirt first.

Print from computer

Such paper is sold both for use on white and black t-shirts. Buy sheets of thermal paper and simply print images onto them using a regular home computer, and then transfer them to a T-shirt.


If you want to make inscriptions or drawings by hand, take permanent markers. In art and craft stores, you can buy paints and fabric markers, ready-made embroidered stickers, rhinestones that will perfectly decorate your T-shirt.

Ideas here you can find the perfect option or a cool idea how to make your own and original t-shirt. Moreover, you will need a good theory, so this web resource has a thematic video that clearly and clearly describes the entire creative process.

It doesn't matter what you decorated the T-shirt for, do not give in to the temptation to wear it right away. If you used fabric or sequin glue, do not shake the T-shirt until the sparkles are dry. Leave the t-shirt in the sun or gently hang it to speed up the process.

If you cannot decide what to print on a T-shirt or how to decorate it correctly, the website MasterBundles mentioned above will always help you.

Preparatory work

No need to immediately get to work on a T-shirt. It will be much better if you do the following: draw your design on cardboard or white paper, and then fix some individual elements. Never rush to immediately transfer the image to a T-shirt, so as not to spoil it in vain. And always remember that your T-shirt will always be original, as it was made by you and with a full margin of originality!

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