Spot Mini by Boston Dynamics

One of the most significant inventions of the company Boston Dynamics is a robot called SpotMini. Bostondynamics Spot is a kind of nimble robot. Right now, on the official website of the company https://bostondynamics.shop/product/spot/, anyone can pre-order this high-tech sample. This robot is capable of many things - it can carry out the commands of the owner, walk, move along the stairs, carry various objects. In a word, he is able to become your personal assistant, working both indoors and outdoors — the ideal modern and technological solution for offices and households.

Spot and its technical capabilities

In order to buy Boston Dynamic’s Spot Mini, make an individual pre-order, visiting the web-store. What are its main technical parameters?

· 3D Vision System build-in.

· 0.84 m height.

· 25 kg of weight.

· The powerful battery allows the robot to work up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

Many companies make a decision to buy robot Spot and solve several production tasks with its help. He will cope perfectly with heavy objects carrying; he will be able to go up and down the stairs, move from point A to point B. Of course, the price of this high-tech device is very high; however, do not forget about the complexity of its structure, the time spent by engineers to create it. It contains first-class intelligence, a humanoid mind and joints that allow it to move smoothly in space. Individual elements in its structure are responsible for the speed of movement and maintaining equilibrium.

A special remote control is attached to this robot. Using it, you can deftly control the mechanism, giving the robot certain commands. Bostondynamics Spot is rather smart – it understands every command and reacts to it immediately. There is a camera on the front of the robot, and therefore the user will always see where Spot is heading. Such control will allow indicating the concrete arrival place.

By programming an approximate map of the robot’s movements in advance, you will simplify the task of moving it. The developers remind that the device is not able to independently determine the destination - this is the direct task of the owner.

This robot is under development, and therefore the approximate date of its delivery (in the case of preliminary ordering) is May 20. This is the first commercial development from the Boston Dynamics engineers. Soon one will have an opportunity to evaluate all the possibilities of this artificial intelligence - it can become an excellent assistant in business or at home.

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