The main thing is to bring money!

Most of our article writers are like provincial media. Not everyone can do Bloomberg. Therefore, it is best to use these 33 foreign articles. They help me to significantly reduce the cost of SEO optimization and promotion in search engines. With this tool, total monthly costs are significantly reduced, there is an opportunity to develop in the right direction. This greatly simplifies the process of analyzing sections of the site.

Very prompt

In general, I am satisfied with the services The simplicity of the interface and functionality is one of the best. A handy tool for optimizers, which allowed to automate work and save a lot of time and resources for our entire team. We use about a year and are very satisfied. Conveniently, this is not a desktop program tied to one hardware, but a web client that allows you to work from any device. Of course, it is important for many to pull the reader to their site.

Monetization is the context and banners. Now even well-known media have begun to use this approach. Artisans do not need to constantly redo them into something more interesting.

The main thing is to bring money!

Doing the coolest project with 1-2 articles suffered per week, where everything is licked and cool - this is not cool: yes, one and a half hipsters from the journalistic environment, but don’t make any money on it, but go to the editor - dismiss it. Yes, and there is one: we rivet without fanaticism, we are looking for formats.

I recently came up with doing daily currency reports along with automatic forecasts and brief main economic and business news for the day. We add YouTube, Twitter and Facebook every day a new actual article with a cover. Quality is expensive and what is funny, it is far from being always in demand: abstruse poems do not like to read everything, and I don’t need to talk about it. And you shouldn’t judge by yourself: if you love BBC News, then millions of others love the New York Times or whatever the main newspaper is in the United States?!

By the way, can you notice that most of the content on various sites is collected from data analysis, without the participation of the editor?

If we are talking about the difference between a print publication and an online product, then the main difference between an online publication is that the product is never completed on the Internet. Online media is a true perfectionist hell. Only you have made a redesign, and it needs to be redone. Only you have added the material, how to write the following.

All as with blogs and articles. It seems. More precisely, it seems that article readers, blogs and online media are getting closer. I will keep silence about banal materials on the trendy online media that only collect traffic.

Article writers often reflect the personal views of the authors: with the advent of traffic, the audience, there is a desire to communicate with it, communicate their thoughts, and not just clog the issue with thousands of signs. The media, by the way, have observed reverse processes in the race for search traffic and unhealthy appetite for non-core content.

For several years now, we have had an internal service for analyzing stocks, currency rates, with forecasting, error estimation, which essentially involves some kind of machine learning. Now we are writing a new program - a more simplified one, for adjusting the forecasts for currencies within the site. The future is already knocking from the monitor.

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