These days more and more people are using devices everywhere

These technological products make their lives easier. However, there are thousands of disadvantages about which nobody should forget when he uses his gadgets. One of the most significant of them is what many programs have been created by programmers to spy on the users from different parts of the planet. That is why it is essential to check if your phone is monitored by hackers if you want your personal information to be safe. Fortunately, many ways to check if someone spies on you have been created. This article is about the most profitable of them.

Codes for your safety

If you are afraid that other people spy on the information in your phone, you can use different codes. Here are the most essential of them in this list below.

1) *#21# (if you use this code, you can find out if your data or calls are diverted. This information can tell the hackers about your daily life including your hobbies or your relatives);

2) *#62# (one should use this code if he thinks that he does not receive the incoming calls or text messages. It will say if it is so and give the information about those whom these calls are redirected);

3) ##002# (this code is helpful if you want to save money when you go to a foreign country. Using it you turn off all the kinds of redirecting. That is why you do not lose your money for voice mails);

4) *#06# (this code will help you to find out the identification number of your phone. If some hackers are also aware of it, they can find all the information about your gadget including its technical characteristics).

All of these codes are useful and checked by the developers of this website.

Advice for Android users

If you use Android, this instruction will help you to find out if there are some spying applications on your phone.

1. Go to Settings;

2. Move to Additional Settings;

3. Find Application Management on this page;

4. Go through all of your applications looking for characteristic terms (such as monitor or spy);

5. If you have recognized a suspicious program, delete it.

Advice for iOS users

The developers of iPhones take care of protection of their users’ personal information. That is why it is almost impossible for hackers to steal anything. However, the creators of this site have managed to find some tips which will help users to check spy. One of them is to change your password for your iCloud account.

Moreover, the developers of say that it is significant to install an anti virus app and to use it regularly.

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