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The CPA abbreviation stands for Cost Per Action. This is a type of advertising campaign in which the advertising agent pays the client - e.g., affiliate networks, for strictly defined processes. These can be targeted procedures such as downloading a document, watching advertising, registering on a platform, filling out all kinds of forms, signing to a mailing list and, indeed, getting a product or service. Choosing the most efficient CPA traffic ideas and samples, visit the Traffic Arbitrage.

Efficacious CPA variants

The most common and impactful models of modern CPA offer:

• CPL involving paying per lead. The aim of the type is to gain contacts from supposed purchasers. The target act is filling out a application form.
• CPS - paying for the sale. Pays are made only for the momentary purchase of the product without returns and refusals later.
• CPV – come to the target web page.
• CPI - pay for the installation process – e.g., an application.

Traffic arbitrage peculiar characteristics

When planning to deal with CPA marketing ideas, you should also understand such a notion as traffic arbitrage. Find more about it at This action involves the purchase and following resale of Internet traffic. The aim of it is, certainly, to enjoy a quick earnings. By buying traffic, the webmaster chooses a more effective plan, analyzing the suitable solutions beforehand. Then, the traffic is modified into targeted gestures, for which he then obtain rewards in the coordinated amount.

The CPA Networks – are systems that function within the Internet space, charging advertisers strictly for the above-mentioned actions -ordering a advice, filling out a form, form, registration, and so on. The advertisement men, webmasters or arbitration studios, partner programs are among the other parties to the transaction, extra to CPA networks. It is worth notifying that CPA-network and affiliate program are not obligatory members in the process.

CPA-network holders take on the task of engaging customers and actively looking up for websites that are suitable in all characteristics for placing efficient and attractive ad units. The cost of such a service largely depends on the complexity of the task, the purposes pursued, the theme and sample of advertisement. Who is suggested to test the CPA marketing templates? This adv format is appropriate for increasing revenue for financial companies, online stores, educational organizations, suppliers, entertainment sites.

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